Mr and Mrs Muscle Workout Calendar PDF

The Mr and Mrs Muscle Workout Calendar PDF features the “Mr. and Mrs. Muscle 14-Day Challenge,” offering a structured fitness regimen for couples. Designed by Viv Addo and Mike Addo, this resource includes daily exercises, standing abs, warm-ups, rest days, and nutritional tips, promoting holistic wellness together.

About Mr and Mrs Muscle

“Mr. and Mrs. Muscle” is a multidimensional fitness phenomenon that encompasses various health-focused elements to promote physical well-being. It functions as a strong brand and a supportive community, led by influential fitness personalities who share workout tips and wellness advice on social media.

Mr and Mrs Muscle Workout Calendar PDF

The fitness programs, both online and offline, empower individuals and couples in strength and endurance training. The brand’s holistic approach includes informative blogs with expert articles on exercises, nutrition, and wellness for both men and women.

Additionally, it offers high-quality workout attire and accessories for performance and style. Certified health and wellness coaching services create tailored fitness and nutrition plans to help individuals and couples achieve their health goals confidently.

Mr and Mrs Muscle ’s Qualifications

Viv Addo and Mike Addo are the owners of this YouTube channel. Are MrandMrsMuscle Trainers Qualified? Yes, they are qualified trainers

Viv Addo:

Mike Addo:

  • AIQ Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training

Mr and Mrs Muscle Workout Calendar

A workout calendar is a timetable or plan that details your fitness routine for a set period of time, usually a week, month, or even longer. It’s a tool for organizing and tracking your workouts, ensuring that you stay consistent and progress toward your fitness goals.

A workout calendar is an excellent resource for anyone trying to build a consistent exercise regimen, stay motivated, and advance toward their fitness objectives. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete. An organized plan can help you make the most of your time and effort in the gym or at home

Mr and Mrs Muscle Standing Abs

According to Mr and Mrs Muscle Standing Abs Use this workout with NO JUMPING to work up a huge sweat, burn calories, shred fat, and build muscle! If you have joint problems when performing floor exercises, such as neck, lower back, or wrist pain, standing abs are the best option for you.

Mr and Mrs Muscle App

HIIT by MrandMrsMuscle is the best high-intensity interval training app that may help you lose weight and tone your complete body. It’s the one-stop shop for all your everyday fitness demands. The greatest video-on-demand personal trainer app is HIIT by MrandMrsMuscle.

Which can be used for weight loss, belly fat loss, beginning a shred, growing muscle, or just keeping up your fitness levels. The HIIT by MrandMrsMuscle app offers a huge selection of home workout programs. And fitness activities, such as bodyweight exercises, dumbbell workouts, and muscle-building exercises.

All of these workouts are made to help you burn more calories faster and swiftly reach your fitness objectives. You won’t get tired of the more than 1200 exercises, 500 workouts, and 20 expert plans available.

Mr and Mrs Muscle Workout Calendar PDF

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